Following the Order of Judge Barber at the High Court today, the Winding-up Petition will continue against the Club. 

The Club now has a final opportunity until the 14th August 2019, to make payment in full to the 6 players who supported the petition. Other players and creditors are at liberty to join the petition. 

By 14 August 2019 the amount owed to some players will be 3 months’ salary. The Club will also be liable for our costs. If the Club do not pay by that date the Court may wind the Club up. Of course we do not want this to happen but we cannot continue to be lied too and go without payment for any longer.

Throughout the 2018/19 season we, as players, put our bodies on the line for the Club. Our reward was that we were continually paid late and now not at all.

This has had a grave affect on us as players, who are earning moderate salaries. 

Some players have had to face eviction from their homes (including those with young children), late mortgage payments, unpaid credit card and telephone bills and being unable to even put food on the table and fuel in their cars. 

It has deeply affected the players’ mental well-being. The statement issued by the Club today showed little regard or sympathy for our plight and that is deeply upsetting. This is compounded by the Club continuing to announce new signings.

Not one player has asked for a single penny more than they are due and we have been extremely patient.  We are all very disappointed with the statement released by Club today.

In Court today, the representative of the Club confirmed that the debts owed to the players are not in dispute. However he gave no real explanation as to why we haven’t been paid.

In accordance with EFL Rule 53.1, the EFL have placed an embargo upon Macclesfield Town, preventing them from registering any contracts and/or new signings. This should remain in place until all payments to players are honoured.

Finally, we urge the Club to pay us, so that we can continue with our lives and the Club can continue into the new season.

We would like to thank our lawyers, the PFA, the wider football community and most importantly the Macclesfield fans who have been fantastic throughout this entire situation.